Kundalini? Yes you can.

And so to Kundalini and the chakras; those whirly colourful energy centres that are identified as running from the base of the spine to the top most part of the brain and beyond the physical body and out into the cosmos via the crown chakra at the top of the head. So much written, so many depictions, colours, sounds. So much noise.

Like so much when we’re discussing yoga from the Western mindset, so many words, when from my perspective, my practice there’s no need to overly complicate. People come to yoga because life is complicated enough already. They’re seeking some respite from the hullabaloo. Not more hullabaloo. So here’s my straightforward kundalini chakra yoga practice.

The spinal column and brain are THE energy centres of this physical body. Fuelled by electrical impulses which are then distributed out around the nervous system; from little toe to eyelid and much in between. The brain and spinal column are IT. The centre of body/mind Information Technology. So here then is the zone that you work with in Kundalini chakra practice.

I’m going to omit Sanskrit terms. I could impress you by using such words as sushumna (spinal column) or muladhara (base chakra located between genitals and anus) but I won’t. Keep it simple. So here are the chakra locations running from base chakra through the spinal column up to the crown of the head;

  • base chakra (see above)
  • top of your bum crack
  • parallel to a spot an inch BELOW your belly button
  • parallel to an inch ABOVE your belly button
  • heart chakra (need I say more)
  • throat chakra
  • third eye (between eyebrows)
  • crown of the head

Now what?

Sit on floor or in chair, back straight and with eyes closed. Bring your attention to base chakra, establish your awareness at this point, then slowly move awareness up into the next chakra at the top of your bum crack and so on. As you establish yourself at each chakra move your awareness upwards. When you’ve reached crown chakra at the top of the head, reverse the process and bring your awareness back down in order to ground yourself.

Perhaps you feel drawn to a particular point. Another way of exploring this area of practice is to sit and simply let awareness move freely up and down the spinal column between base chakra and brain to find the spot which most needs your attention. Trust that you will be led by your body and minds innate wisdom. Force nothing, just breathe, be, and see what comes. Inner exploration and experience. Know thy Self.

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